Loving your neighbor, one paper clip at a time

As you know, I’ve pulled out my “loving your neighbors” project and am once again hard at work writing about how everyday people are living out “the golden rule.”

Today’s thought: Loving your neighbor sometimes means, literally, just loving your neighbor. Not donating time or money or labor. Just love.

This week, I watched a great documentary called Paper Clips, about a middle school in Whitwell, TN that took on a project to learn about the Holocaust. What started as a simple lesson turned into an international feel-good sensation, and changed the lives of an entire rural community forever.

The project involved more than 24 million paper clips, letters from Holocaust survivors and their families, German journalists, and an actual railway car used at a concentration camp. Plus a bunch of wide-eyed, open minded middle schoolers and their teachers and families.

After the documentary was over, I started thinking … and then what happened? It’s been 10 years since that first Holocaust studies group; where are the kids? How did that project change their life? How did they go on to change the world?

As I make notes and lists of interviews, stories I want to follow up on, and possible places to visit as I research, this story is at the top of the list. If you’re having a snow day today, head to Netflix.com and watch “Paper Clips”. It’ll brighten your day, for sure.


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