A little puppy love looking for a home

Puppy love

This weekend, we took in a foster puppy. You can read the whole story on the Bark Around Town blog, but trust me. It’s one snuggly, barking, peeing bundle of fun.

Bailey is a 6 wk. old Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix who was brought to the shelter because her owner was trying to dump … er, find homes … for two pups left from a litter. That the pups shouldn’t have been leaving their mother at 6 wks. goes without saying. For responsible dog owners.

One volunteer took a pup for her brother, who wanted a Pit Bull pup. I took the other to foster while Pitty Love looks for a home.

She’s a beautiful dog, and my hope is that Scout and Bandit can help her learn how to be a good dog. Well, Scout can anyway. Hopefully Bandit doesn’t teach her how to eat from the fridge or lick dishes from the kitchen sink.

If you’re looking for a pup, maybe Bailey is waiting for you! Here are more pics:

Bailey and Bandit, snuggled on the couch


Look how little Bailey is next to Scout!

Bailey is one snuggly puppy


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