Making service your career vs. being a servant in your career (is there a difference?)

As I’m working through notes and outlines for this project about missions and volunteering, I’m coming up with a list of really interesting questions that I’d love to get your thoughts about.

One thing I’ve been pondering is the number of young adults I know who were involved in short term missions as teens and then went on to become career missionaries. I wonder if that’s because there were called to the mission field – or were they never taught that the world is their mission field, that they could  be missionaries from their desks in corporate America or from behind the store counter, etc?

What I mean is this: is there a difference between signing on with a mission agency to serve on the mission field (ie: raising funds, moving to another country, etc) and embarking on a mainstream career where you serve your coworkers and other people you encounter every day? Can you love your neighbor equally from the Sudan or from behind the counter at Starbucks?

Are they both servants? Is one more “other focused”? Or is the mindset of loving your neighbor something that happens regardless of your occupation or where you lay your head at night?  I’ve love to hear your thoughts!

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