Off to a whopping big new year!

This morning, when I went to collect the eggs, I was surprised to see a gigantic egg in the nesting box. Wait, bigger than gigantic. Ginormous!

Since it’s a white egg, I know it came from either Lucy or Ethel but which? I don’t know. All I know is this is one of the biggest eggs we’ve had yet. Take a look!

Normal egg on the right, giant egg on the left. I think a dinosaur may have snuck in and laid that monstrosity.That's one giant egg!That's one giant egg!


That's one giant egg!

On another note, I went to the shelter today. It was lovely, because we adopted some dogs and cats. But it was also horribly horrible, because I learned that a dog we’d have available for adoption (for the second time) was transferred to another shelter and then euthanized. Horrible, horrible, sad. (You can read more on my blog.)


2 responses to “Off to a whopping big new year!

  1. I think your chicken laid a “Golden” egg; take it to one of those many jewelers offering to buy your gold!

    • These stupid chickens befuddle me. They lay more when they’re supposed to be laying less. They’re up all night in that stupid coop; I have no idea what they’re doing but it may be they’re plotting an escape. Goofy chickens.

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