Goodbye 2010, and may we never meet again

Less than six hours left in 2010, and I am ending it so far much like I began it: hanging out by myself, waiting for darling husband to come home from work, dogs barking, cat meowing, TV on in the background.

This is a picture I do not want to repeat next year.

I’m not good at resolutions, but I am fairly good with goals, and as you know my goal for 2011 is adventure. If I was really adventurous, I’d have made plans to go out tonight. But I figure what the heck. Might as well end the year with one good and final, get it out of my system, pity party.

Boo hoo, bring on the drinks!

Because starting tomorrow, I vow to do things differently, to not wait around for other people, to try and do more on my own. And dammit, to finish what I start.

And for starters, I am going to finish one of these damn book proposals. I’m not good at much and I don’t have a lot to offer anyone, but I can write. When I actually sit down and write. And I need to finish something. SOMETHING!!

Ray Bradbury says that every day he writes a short story. Even if most of them are crappy, at the end of the year he’s written 365 short stories. And there has to be something good in there somewhere.

I don’t know if I have the discipline to do that. But I need to at least try.

I have realized that I write better in the early mornings and late at night. Since I am not – repeat, NOT – a morning person I think it’s time I started writing at night. Setting that schedule will free me up to do other things during the day and not feel guilty. So let’s try that. No trying to write during the day, but instead setting aside specific hours to write. Like a job. When it’s time to write, I write. Otherwise, I clean, get outside, etc.

As for adventure? I got nothing for January yet. For me, it would be adventurous to go to the county park alone and hike with the dogs. I’m comfortable in our little town park. But in the woods? By myself? That’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

Baby steps, right? And a Midnight Martini*. Happy New Year!

(*Midnight martini: 1.5 oz vodka, .5 oz Chambord, garnish with a lemon twist. That’s the official recipe; I skipped the lemon and put the whole thing over crushed ice, so it’s not really a martini. More like a vodka icee that tastes a bit like cough syrup.)


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