An egg-storic day at the Funny Farm

All of the hens laid an egg today! Mark the calendars; it's a first since we've had 8 hens!

Today was a day for the Funny Farm record books: all eight hens laid an egg! It’s crazy; they’re laying more now than they did over the summer. These are the strangest chickens ever.

When we just had 6 hens, we have had 6 eggs on one day. But from about mid summer until now, egg production has been spotty. Anywhere from one to four eggs in a super good day. The coccidia outbreak likely interrupted their laying.

But from what I read about chickens, they should be laying less with the cold weather and shorter days. Instead, Lucy and Ethel started laying again after almost 6 months, and every morning there’s a line at the nesting boxes. I’ve been getting at least four eggs a day and sometimes six.

And the birds seem to be sleeping less, too. Where they used to be huddled up on the roosting perches by dusk, when I go out before bed they’re often meandering around inside the coop or even taking in the night air out in the run.

Of course, these screwy chickens are exactly the kind of birds I’d have. They fit right in here.


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