Big news from Camp Cluck

Lucy and Ethel are the only hens who lay white eggs - and they're laying again!

UPDATE at 11:30 AM: I went out and found five more eggs! One was just sitting in the middle of the frozen chicken run. The nesting boxes must have been full and someone couldn’t wait. One of the eggs in the box? Another white one. Both Lucy and Ethel are back in the game!

Today was a very exciting day  here at the Funny Farm: Lucy and Ethel are laying again!

Those two haven’t laid eggs since back in July, when I found 18 eggs in a little crawl space in the coop that those two birds managed to squeeze into to lay eggs. We’ve since opened the space but they haven’t laid at all.

 But this week, the girls were spending a lot of time hanging out in the nesting boxes, and today when I went to feed them I found a lovely white egg right in the middle of the coop floor. That’s probably Ethel. She’s goofy like that.

Then I check in the crawl space and found two more eggs that were laid in the last week. (David cleaned the coop last week and they weren’t there then.) Back in the summer, David planned to add a door there so I could more easily check for eggs. I think I’ll need to have him actually do that now that the girls are laying there again.

So my birds are finally back to normal. Although Mrs. Wiggins is still suffering some weird skin ailment. But the last time I saw Dr B he said his chickens had the same problem, so I’m not going to worry about it.

You can read more about The Joy Cluck Club on their blog,


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