Where did your breakfast come from?

My breakfast sandwich. Do you know where your breakfast came from?

I was just thinking about my food and where it came from. For breakfast this morning, I had a toasted mini pita with ham and cheese and an egg.

Mini whole wheat pita- from Father Sam’s bakery, Buffalo, NY,. Ingredients: whole wheat flour, enriched unbleached flour (wheat flour, malted barley flour, niacin, reduced iron, thiamin, mononitrate [vitamin B1], riboflavin [vitamin B2], folic acid), water, sugar, salt, yeast, l-cysteine, calcium sulfate, fumaric acid, calcium propionate added to retard spoilage.

Ham – Wegmans Ham Off The Bone. The only thing I know about is what’s on the Wegmans’ website: “The best ham sandwich. Fresh, naturally delicious double-smoked ham is smoked 10-12 hours using real wood chips. Made with natural juices with no water, binders, fillers or sweeteners added. Natural juices. Fully cooked. Off-the-bone. 97% Fat free. U.S. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture.” The pig could have been farmed in Guatemala for all I know.

Egg – From my backyard. I don’t know which chicken laid it. But I know what all of the chickens have eaten and that the egg was laid within the last few days.

CheeseKerrygold Dubliner Vintage Irish Cheddar.  I love this cheese, made from milk from small farmers in Ireland. For all I know “small” could mean leprechauns milking leprecows. Not that I would care. They’ve ruined me to all other cheddars. But you’ve got to try the Vintage; it’s harder than the other two types, much like a Parmesan in texture.

Butter, in which I fried my egg Organic Valley. I’m a firm believer that the closer to real food you can get, the better. So I don’t use margarine, and whenever possible only organic butter or butter from grass-fed cows. I promise, you’ll notice the difference. More expensive? Absolutely. But I use less so I eat less, so it’s healthier all the way around.

The cheese  may seem to violates my normal “made in America” food policy, but it doesn’t. Dubliner is a company that pays attention to the quality of its product, unlike most things made in China. So don’t feel guilty about enjoying some imported from Ireland.


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