31 days without Walmart – the night before

Here's my red pepper from Belgium. Isn't it pretty? I wonder how many miles it traveled to get to my pizza.

Tomorrow morning I kick off my “31 days without Walmart” adventure, and today I got a glimpse at how it might affect my husband.

This weekend is his family Christmas party, and he and his brothers are playing host. It’s held at a lodge in the park, and he asked me a couple of weeks ago to get plastic tablecloths. Except he didn’t know what size the tables were or if they were long rectangles or rounds or if the lodge even supplied the tables.

So today, I told him that if he needed me to go to Walmart to get the tablecloths or any other party supplies, today was the day. Because tomorrow Walmart was off limits to me. I told him that I probably wouldn’t shop at the Dollar Store either, since that kind of defeats the whole purpose of the project.

If we need tableclothes, I’d try Wegmans. “Never mind,” he said. “I’ll do it myself. I’m glad I’m not the one doing this little experiment.” Hmm. This little project could come in handy in ways I’d never imagined.

But I do have a dilemma: even though I’m skipping Walmart, can I still shop at Big Lots? I think I can, since my goal is to skip my usual go-to discount StuffMart so that I can at least think about purchases.

And here’s my second dilemma: I went to Wegmans, our locally-based, first rate grocery chain to get my prescription filled (strep throat, lovely) and while I was there picked up some stuff to make pizza for dinner. I like red peppers on my pizza, and I usually buy enough during the summer to freeze them and get me through the winter.

But I’m fresh out, so I grabbed one while I was at the store. Where was it from? Belgium. The orange peppers were from the Dominican Republic and the yellow ones from Mexico. So, do I skip the peppers? I could drive over to Lori’s Natural Foods and get an organic, locally grown pepper. Starting tomorrow, that’s what I would need to do in order to stick with the spirit of my adventure.

But today? I bought a red pepper from Belgium. If I’m going to buy a foreign vegetable, I might as well get the most unusual one, right? I’ve never even had chocolates from Belgium, let alone a pepper. I do wonder, though, how many chemicals it took to keep the pepper fresh on its journey.

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