Pics from the new camera

Yesterday, I got to test out my new camera. In case I haven’t updated you – honestly, the days kind of swim into each other lately – I decided not to wait for Santa and I purchased a new camera this week.

Long story short, I bought a Nikon P100. I had a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, that I hated. But after a bunch of research I decided the P100 might be just what I need.¬† A little more flexibility without having to spring for a digital SLR. I’m still playing with the settings.

The auto mode tends to pick up a lot of pink and yellow light, but the program mode is quicker and the colors truer. Then again, if I don’t have the right setting the picture is too light or dark. So it’s all a work in progress.

But the detail I’m able to pick up when I get the settings right is fantastic. And the ability to take landscape shots is really what I was looking for, too.

Look at the detail I was able to get in this close up. You can see the little bumps on Murphy's tongue!

I loved that I could capture the moon between these two trees, and keep the beautiful blue color of the sky.

This might be my favorite picture of Bandit, ever.

So far, I’m very, very happy with my camera choice. And I’m glad I didn’t wait for Santa. I would have missed pics from the holidays! Over on Bandit’s blog you can see some photos from our dinner, complete with Border Collie commentary.


2 responses to “Pics from the new camera

  1. Hey! Nice job on the pet eyes- that’s always a challenge. I recall you mentioning a software pet eye fix that I’ve been interested to see.

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