My palm pilot fails me

I had a column due on the 20th of the month. I have a column due every 20th of the month.  But for some reason, lately I forget every month and end up turning it in late.

This month, I forgot all about it until Tuesday night, the 23rd. I was in bed, almost ready to go to sleep, and it hit me: I had a column due. So I grabbed a pen and wrote on my hand the word “Column”. Surely, that would remind me in the morning to write the column.

Today I got up, showered, went to the camera store, ran to the grocery, the dairy. Stopped at Tim Hortons for coffee and donuts. Washed my hands several times during the day. But it wasn’t until the afternoon, when I checked my email (something I haven’t done in a week or so, I might add) and saw the email from my editor that I remembered that I’d forgotten all about the column.

I checked my hand. Yup, the reminder was still there.

Seriously. I’m beginning to wonder if age is catching up with me. I finally bought a turkey yesterday. Thanksgiving is tomorrow.


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