The fork in the canal path

As you may or may not know, I’ve been taking a breather from covering Christian entertainment for a few months. (I’m so far behind I didn’t even know they were making Blue Like Jazz into a movie, something I would have covered at Beliefnet had I still been blogging at Beliefnet, which I was supposed to be doing until the end of October.)

But I digress.

A few months ago I told the papers who carried my music column that I was taking a few months off, which means that I’m at that pivotal decision-making moment: go back or not go back.

I have to confess that my stress level has dropped considerably since I’m not scurrying for stories daily for Beliefnet. I loved blogging there but trying to 1) find a story every day that would 2) generate page views and 3) get people to comment was exhausting. When CDs come in, I just plop them in a pile.

On the other hand, I have zero income coming in. Zilch. Nada. Not a dime. I do have some publications that owe me money but it’s not much.

I was thinking about this all today while I was walking on the canal with the dogs. I should have been writing, or attempting to write, or at the very least thinking about what I was going to write. But I was just meandering along with the pups, my mind almost blank.

It’s kind of a nice feeling, if I can be honest.

Then the dogmobile started squealing again on the drive home and I remembered that meandering – either on the canal or in my mind – doesn’t pay the bills.

I’m really enjoying the blog, but I feel like I’m such a slacker for not following through with other writing projects. (Same story, different year.)

So I’m at the fork; which way do I go?

Oh well. At this point, the dogs are curled up on the couch and I have a bag of organic cheese puffs and “Eureka” season 2 on my Roku calling. I’ll think about work tomorrow.


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