Meanwhile, back at the ranch

Back at the ranch, there have been a few bumps in the roofing road.

Yay! It’s a new week, and what better way to start than with a Tim Hortons double double coffee and an old fashioned dip donut – and a trip to Country Max for chicken feed! And all with Scout and Bandit!

I left the dogs in the Jeep while I went into Country Max to pay for the food, and when the guy came out to put it in the back of the Jeep, Bandit hopped out and took a little tour of the warehouse. Scout, of course, stayed in the vehicle, mostly because I said, “Who wants to go to Timmy’s for donuts?” and he’s afraid of new stuff. Bandit , fearless as always, first had to make sure there wasn’t something more tasty among the feed bags before settling for a plain Tim Bit.

I’m loving the Jeep. I mean, love love loving it. I can fit both dogs, a 50# bag of layer crumbles, and a plastic tote of dog stuff with loads of room to have two stinky, drooling dogs hopping over the seats while we go through the drive through.

Happy Sunday, and happy new week!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, David is hanging out with Jay and his Uncle Jeff, who are doing the roof. Turns out it’s a little more complicated than originally planned. Seems that what was supposed to be a tear off now requires the replacement of plywood and the edging wood. All of this is making darling husband a little antsy; he wants to help, they don’t really need his help. Although he did pick up all of the torn off shingles last night so they could start fresh today and hopefully be finished.

A discussion of roofing, schedules, and the fate of the Western world.

Although while they were having a pow wow, I heard talk of “If we don’t finish today …” and “I can cancel Tuesday and Wednesday…” and “I don’t know how this happened but I know it’s your fault.” Fortunately, there was also a lot of laughing so I think it was all in fun.

Either way, the week is looking up already. The roof is getting done and there’s been very little disruption. There’s nothing on the calendar until Saturday. I have my wheels back, and the sun is shining despite the fact that the weatherman called for rain all day. The barking has been kept to a minimum, because the dogs are outside with David, and in a couple of weeks the new fence will be up, which will hopefully put an end to the majority of the “Hey, I can see you but I can’t get to you” frustration barking.

Hallelujah! Let’s take a nap!

Update: The roofing guys found some work for David to do and Scout and Bandit have found lots to bark at. I did get in a nap – about 1/2 hour of sleep in 5 minute increments over 2 hours. Plus pizza!


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