Dogmobile, oh dogmobile, how I love you

Oh, dogmobile, how happy I am that you’ve joined the family!

Oh, dogmobile, what fun you were! For 30 miles or so, before the rear differential went and you had to spend a week getting fixed.

Oh, dogmobile, what fun you are now that you’re fixed! Except that you still need to pass inspection. Really, what’s a little vapor leak … OK, a large vapor leak … among friends?

Oh, dogmobile, despite your faults, I love you! I love that I have enough room to haul two stinky dogs around town and the adventurous ride and the cassette player. I told darling husband not to throw the cassette/CD adapter and all of those tapes away because we might need them someday. Thanks for proving me right.

I love you, dogmobile! I love you even though I have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to sit at the mechanic’s while you get those last quirks fixed. When you’re done we’ll have a nice adventure. Maybe we’ll take the dogs through the drive thru at Tim Horton’s. Then you’ll really be part of the family.


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