Adventure girl makes (another) pie

My most recent attempts at pie crust from scratch. It's not a pretty sight.

Since I’ve been without a car for most of the month and was out of shortening, I’ve been making pie crust using oil. Tastes better but is much harder to work with. Especially for an idiot like me.

This most recent attempt at pie crust from scratch ended up with me just patching together pieces to cover the filling. (And you guys want me to go whitewater rafting? I’m dangerous enough with flour and oil!).

It wasn’t much to look at, but after it was baked it looked a little better:

Fortunately, the baking process hides a lot of the crust flaws. And appearance has no impact on taste – because these apple and blueberry pies were YUMMY.


2 responses to “Adventure girl makes (another) pie

  1. Mmmmm they look so good. I love blueberry pie!

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