Adventure Girl makes a pie

Look! I made a pie!

As part of my Year of Adventure warm up, in which I will attempt to have 12 adventures in 2011, this week I made a pie. Actually, a few  pies.

It’s not as if I’ve never made a pie before, but whenever I make pies I use pre-made crust. You know, the kind that comes in a  long box, and all you have to do is unroll the crust into a pan. Which is basically cheating. I mean, at that rate, why not just buy the pie already made and save the effort of peeling and slicing apples?

I’ve never had much success with pie crust. But in the spirit of adventure, I determined this week to make a pie from scratch.

Step one: deciding which recipe to use. My cookbook has a recipe using shortening and one using oil. I tried shortening first. I measured and stirred and patted and rolled. And lo and behold … I made a pie crust.

The key was to roll the dough out onto waxed paper and to keep the size small. I have no counters in my kitchen, hence my lack of cooking skills, so I couldn’t roll out a pie crust big enough (and that stayed in one piece) to fit a regular pie pan. So instead, I opted for some mini tart pans.

Viola! I can roll out small pie crusts! I had enough dough to make a little apple pie and a quiche and even chicken pot pies, and the crust was actually really tasty. Dang, I’m good pie maker. I almost hurt  myself patting myself on the back.

Bandit liked the quiche best. 

Bandit liked the bacon and cheese quiche best.

I was feeling so confident that a few days later I attempted the oil pie crust. Yeah, not so successful.

The cookbook said to roll the dough between two pieces of waxed paper. I, being adventurous and experienced now at pie crust, rolled it out on one piece of waxed paper with just flour on the top, which resulted in a rolling pin covered in dough but no actual crust.

Take two. More flour, no more waxed paper, and more mess. In the end, I  just used my hands to pat the dough down into the tart pans. A piece here, a piece there, smoosh a little there. This is the pie making experience I remember.

Ironically, this pie crust tasted better than the shortening recipe, but looked like a mess. Who cares; no one can see the crust once it’s filled, right?

But in the end, I did it. I made pie crust. Score one point for Adventure Girl!


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