Fun in the sun at Copapalooza 2010

Copapalooza 2010 at Cobbs Hill Park is a great day for first responders and their families

I volunteered for a shift at the Rochester Animal Services table at Copapalooza, the annual event for first responders at Cobbs Hill Park.

They didn’t need me at the table, so my sister, my daughter and I spent hours just hanging out, checking out the nifty police and fire vehicles, chatting with friends, checking out the Marine helicopters, and generally having some fun.

It’s a great event that gives a day out for first responders and their families. There was 5K run, a motorcyle run, a donut eating contest (honest!) and lots of baseball games pitting various agencies from Western NY and even Canada against each other for some friendly rivalry.

Here are some pics from the event:

Rochester Animal Services, the animal shelter for the City of Rochester, at Copapalooza 2010

Hydro, the 6-year-old German Shorthair/Pointer mix, lets folks know that he's looking for a forever family!

Triscuit, the 2-year-old female Pointer mix looking for a forever home, goes for a stroll at Copapalooza 2010!

What would Copapalooza be without a donut eating contest?

Copapalooza 2010 Donut Eating Contest

Copapalooza 2010 Donut Eating Contest

My sister checks out the Rochester PD Scuba Squad

City of Rochester Fire Department at Copapalooza 2010

Who wants to go for ice cream? I'm driving!

The Marines bring in helicopters for Copapalooza 2010

Copapalooza 2010 motorcycle run

Copapalooza 2010

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