Hey, where did summer go?


Image by Momoc HDR via Flickr

I was in the grocery store today and was blindsided by Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations and bags of cinnimon-scented pine cones, which we all know are for Christmas.

I mean … good grief! It’s still summer! I know it’s back to school time; it’s been back to school time since the Fourth of July. But Halloween? Cinnamon pine cones?

An older person said to me this week that as you age time starts to fly by. I don’t know if that’s true, or if retailers have just started switching shopping seasons earlier and earlier. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a year round Christmas section at the stores someday.

Well, it is almost September, so Christmas is right around the corner, I guess.


One response to “Hey, where did summer go?

  1. I believe it already is Christmas all year long. eg. many shops and what about the Christmas Tree Shop??

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