The week in review

Scout, Dali and Bandit have a pawjama party this week.

It’s been a long week here at the Funny Farm.

My mom’s sister passed away Monday and I just wasn’t able to make the drive to Massachussetts for the funeral. My mom went up for the week, and on Wednesday Cassie decided to head up for a few days herself, leaving Dali with us.

For a minute I thought about going with Cassie. If she was driving, I figured I could lie down for the trip. But when I kind of floated the idea, David said, “You’re not leaving me alone with three dogs.” I don’t blame him. Two dogs is enough trouble. And I probably would have made my back worse with all of the travel and activity anyway.

Ironically, David didn’t have any problem leaving me alone with three dogs on Wednesday night. Good thing I’m experienced at doing this stuff alone.

Dali stayed Wednesday and Thursday night, and it was actually a lot of fun to have her here. She and Bandit spent a lot of time wrestling at first and Scout let Dali know he didn’t want her near him at all, but all three dogs calmed down and settled into a comfortable routine. Good thing Dali is such an easygoing dog. I was impressed – although Murphy was a mystery to Dali. I don’t know if she’s ever seen a cat before. When Dali went  home on Friday, Cassie said she  just slept and slept and slept. I guess pawjama parties are exhausting.

Ferocious tiger or little shelter kitty? You decide.

I did my weekly volunteer at the shelter on Friday; I’d had to skip last week because I could hardly move and I felt bad about that.  Since I’m a volunteer, I’m limited in how I can help, so I do a lot of smiling and entertaining and answering phones. But apparently that is a big help, because it keeps the crowd calm. Answering the phones is clearly a huge help. And this Friday was one of those chaotic days – adoptions, redemptions, animal surrenders. Non stop, no breaks. I stayed an hour longer than normal and by the time I got home I was in pain again.

My sister made a surprise trip to town, so we met for breakfast on Saturday and then went to the shelter to play with the kittens.  We took three kitties into the visitation room and let them tussle and romp. We were in stitches for almost an hour watching those stupid cats. If you ever need to relax, going to the animal shelter to play with cats is a great way to relieve some stress.

And today I’ve spent a lot of the day reading the book “The Lost Dogs,” by Jim Gorant. The book, which comes out in September, chronicles the Michael Vick dogfighting case and what happened to the dogs. I did some blogging on my new Bark Around Town blog, which I’m still trying to get off the ground. Once I get more content I can do some promotion.

So that’s been my week. The death of my Aunt Rosemary was sad and I really hated not being able to go to the funeral. On the positive side, I’ve spent a ton of time chatting with my cousins on Facebook. I love that we can connect, share photos, and keep in touch. Death does that sometimes, connects the living.

And I’m glad my back is feeling better, although I’m still in enough pain to limit my activity.  But rest, Advil and the heating pad really have helped a ton.

Good grief, my life is boring.


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