The 12 Project – 12 adventures in 12 months (with potentially 12 trips to the ER)

I'm preparing for 12 adventures in 12 months, with potentially 12 trips to the emergency room. And you get to help!

As I write this post, it’s 1:00 PM on a Monday afternoon, and I’m lying on the couch watching season 4 of “Psych” on DVD while enjoying a coffee ice cream cone. For me, that’s living on the edge.

Or at least it has been for a while. But, believe it or not, I’m ready for a little adventure. In fact, I’m ready to declare the a whole year of adventure!

I know, I know. I declared 2009 the year of adventure, and then did it again in 2010. And so far this year isn’t looking too adventurous.

But I have a plan, my friends.

I’m calling it The 12 Project – 12 adventures in 12 months, with the possibility of 12 trips to the emergency room.

In other words, one adventure a month for a whole year. And you get to help pick the adventures!

I’m not necessarily talking about adventures like scaling Mt. Everest or jumping out of an airplane. I’m talking about doing things I’ve never done before, and stretching myself outside of my comfort zone.

It could be trying out a new job. Giving blood, maybe. Skiing. Learning a new language, taking cooking classes, riding a motorcycle, canoeing, whitewater rafting. Going hunting with darling husband David, although that would probably be punishment for him and I don’t know if he deserves that. Swimming with the dolphins, something I’d wanted to do for my 30th birthday and chickened out.


So here’s the deal. For the next couple of months I’ll be taking suggestions for adventures, and I’ll begin my first adventure in January 2011. I’ll chronicle them here – the adventure along with the planning and follow up. And while I’m committing to one adventure a month, I’ll also blog about any other side adventures I tackle along the way.

Why would I do this? Because in the years I’ve been writing humor columns, the ones that have gotten the biggest responses have been ones where I talk about stupid things I’ve done or how I’ve injured myself doing seemingly simple tasks. And I’m running out of experiences, since I spend 99% of my time alone with the dogs.

So here’s your chance to really watch me make a spectacle of myself. Some adventures I’ll pick myself, and others I’ll have readers vote on. I’ll blog, take pics and even video when I can.

So put your thinking caps on, dear readers, and start sending in your adventure ideas! There are a few things to keep in mind:

1) The adventure must be legal. (Duh.)

2) My finances are in very, very short supply. So if you suggest that I fly to Hawaii to learn to hula (which I would of course video and put up on YouTube) you have to also come up with a way to pay for the adventure. Although that wouldn’t really count because I have been to Hawaii and I did take a hula lesson. See, you’re going to have to be craftier than that!

3) The adventure shouldn’t be something that would permanently alter me physically – although I might consider a tattoo and cutting my hair or changing the color. But no boob jobs or facelifts. You get the picture.

4) I am not afraid to embarrass myself for the sake of my craft. Such as it is.

So be creative. If you know me at all, you know which of my fears to exploit.

 That’s it! Send your ideas to or leave them in the comments section. Then check back on the blog for updates.

So get those ideas flowing and be ready to join me for 12 months of adventure! And remember, if it’s your idea that sends me to the hospital, you get to sit with me in the emergency room.

5 responses to “The 12 Project – 12 adventures in 12 months (with potentially 12 trips to the ER)

  1. Joanne, that is an awesome idea… I am kinda jealous and I might steal it from you… but I won’t be telling anyone outside my circle of friends of how I managed to screw something up… they have come to expect it by now 🙂
    I don’t know any swanky adventures in your area I can tell you that you could come to Letchworth State Park and go whitewater rafting, go on a 10 mile hike from one end to the other (I accomplished this one this year and it was kind of a big deal :)) or go up in one of the hot air balloons… I am petrified of heights but I am working up to that one :)…. if you do decide to go get a tattoo take me with you :), I will take you for the next tattoo I get and you can get inspired ;)…. you could really go wild and learn how to knit hahaha… I never claimed to be cool

  2. Joanne, what a great idea. Grandpa and i would love to have you give blood and take Dave with you. It is needed soo much.

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