That song that’s stuck in my head

I woke up this morning with a song stuck in my head. That happens once in a while. Usually it’s a tune that I’ve never heard before.

I’m not a musician, so it’s not like I can write the song down or record it. Usually, it only takes a few minutes for the song to fly away from my mind when I wake up. But today, I woke up with a familiar song in my head and I can’t get rid of it.

The song?

Sheena Easton’s “Morning Train.” Good grief.

I have no idea where that song came from. I haven’t heard it in a million years, and I didn’t dream about it last night. And yet there it was this morning, in my head, and it’s been playing over and over and over all day.

Somebody make it stop. Please.

I’ve tried several times to read the book “This Is Your Brain On Music,” because in it the author supposedly explains why songs get stuck in our head. But it’s so technical that I can’t get past the first chapter or two.

I’ve heard that when you get a song stuck in your head it’s like your brain is itching and the song satisfies it. I don’t know if I believe that. This is like nails on chalkboard. Which is not very satisfying at all.

Oh well. If Ihave to hear this song all day, I thought you might want to join me. Because once you hear it, it’s not going away.

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2 responses to “That song that’s stuck in my head

  1. I decided not to listen to the song you mentioned just in case I got a ‘music-earwig’ and I’d have to remove it; someone once said if you ever get a song stuck in your head to think of a Disney song and repeat it; why does that work? G’nite!

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