Moving day at The Funny Farm – it’s not what you think – and Bandit defies gravity

Back in January, we moved Cassie into her apartment in Buffalo, where she was going back to school. (You can read Bandit’s account of the trip on his blog.) This weekend, we moved her back.

This girl needs to sign a lease longer than 6 months.

Neither dog got to go on this weekend’s adventure, but today, Bandit pulled a stunt worthy 0f the Purina Dog Challenge.

Both dogs were out in the yard while we were unloading the Uhaul. Bandit did his usual sniffing and supervising while Scout just watched.

But after a while I realized Bandit was no where to be seen. Then I heard a little “yip” and got concerned that he’d gotten stuck somewhere. Before I could even go look for him, I saw him poke his head out the driver’s side window of David’s truck.

And then he jumped out the window.

David wasn’t sure how the dog even got into the truck, because all of the doors were closed. And that’s when we saw the scratch marks on the passenger’s side door.

Bandit figured out how to jump into the open window on David's truck; this is the evidence he left behind.

Bandit had managed to figure out that the window was open, and that if he jumped high enough, he could fly into the truck. He must have explored around in there for a while, and when he was bored, jumped out.

Can you believe how high Bandit jumped to get into the truck?

This dog is one surprise after another. Fortunately, David was momentarily so impressed with Bandit’s feat of flying that he wasn’t mad about the scratches. I think he was exhausted from moving furniture.

We told Cassie that since she now knows she’ll need to be in Buffalo for about 2 years to finish school, she needs to sign a one year lease. And David said first floor, no stairs or narrow hallways. Moving her out of Park Ave last summer was a nightmare we’d like to avoid if possible. As crummy as this complex was, having sliding doors and being right on the first floor really helped make this a lot easier.


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