Our dogs are little worm factories

A month or so ago our neighbors got a puppy. While Scout and Bandit and I were out for a walk the dogs were understandably interested in sniffing every inch of the sidewalk in front of our neighbor’s house. But Bandit actually swallowed a mouthful of poop before I even realized what he’d done.

Fast forward to last week – both of my dogs had diarrhea.  I gave them a bland diet for a few days and things improved, but yesterday Bandit’s diarrhea returned, and today so did Scout’s.

I suspected worms.

When I saw my neighbor I casually asked how her puppy’s first vet visit had gone. I had a hunch my dogs’ diarrhea was connected to Bandit eating the puppy poop. Puppies are notorious for having worms, so I wasn’t surprised when my neighbor confirmed that, yup, the puppy had worms. 

I took a sample of Bandit’s poop to the vet, and even though it didn’t show any worms the vet suggested we treat them both. We know the puppy next door has worms, and we know Bandit ate her poop.  But the dogs are also nose to nose at the wire fence; it’s very easy for a dog to spread worms by walking on infected poop or dirt, and when another dog sniffs or licks the dog’s paws, viola. Worms.

We’ve had a worm problem with Bandit ever since we’ve had him. Ringworm, roundworm, hookworm, again and again. He eats everything, so taking him for a walk is almost a guarantee that he’ll bring something home.

Scout and Bandit – loveable companions but furry little worm factories.


2 responses to “Our dogs are little worm factories

  1. OMG. And this, my beloved, is why I was an epic failure as a doggie owner. And I didn’t even know about the worms! You are truly the better woman.

    • You are absolutely NOT a failure as a dog owner. In fact, your decision not to have a dog makes you a very responsible non-dog owner, because you recognized your needs and wants as a family and decided that you didn’t have the time or desire to care for a dog the way a dog needs to be cared for. You’re a million miles ahead, in my book, of dog owners who “rescue” dogs and then leave them in crates all day, or don’t train them, or treat them like accessories or background noise or toys they can put on the shelf and take down whenever it suits them. Owning any kind of pet is a huge responsibility, and it’s not something everyone even wants. I mean honestly, you have to like dirt and worms, and have about eleven million extra dollars to spend on an animal and oodles of time to play with and train a dog. Like I’ve said before, I’m not a better woman, just lazier!

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