How narrow does my writing focus need to be?

One of the things that I always struggle with, creatively anyway, is how varied my interests are and how all over the place my writing seems to be.

I write about Christian music. I write about dogs. I write about chickens and being a writer and current events and anything else that comes to mind.

When I read other blogs, I see that the more successful ones usually have a specific focus, and that’s the same advice I get at writing conferences. My problem is that if I had one blog for every specific area I’m interested in I’d be handling twenty blogs, and doing none of them well.

On my other personal blog, I focused on my life, writing, generally musing about whatever was on my mind. When I started this blog my goal was to focus on my growing interest in organic and sustainably farmed food, the dogs, and being a suburban backyard chicken “farmer”.

But even then – I write about volunteering at the shelter and news items that catch my eye and it makes me wonder if I’m being too broad as I blog.

Then again, I guess I’m not writing for everyone else but myself. So I guess it doesn’t matter. Does it?


3 responses to “How narrow does my writing focus need to be?

  1. My genre is physician bluegrass fiction. It is so narrow I am the only one in the world.

    Dr. B

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