We're coccidia free!

Dr. Licata called today with good news: the stool samples they tested were both free of parasites and coccidia.


She said we might want to recheck in a month just to make sure it stays under control, but for now we’re free.


That means that Coco and Mrs. Wiggins should begin to see some improvement in their skin as they begin to feel better. And in a week or so we can start eating eggs again, because the medication will be out of their systems.


Darling husband David will be very happy to hear this, I’m sure.

I forgot to mention yesterday where she suspects the problem came from: Mimi and Gidget.

Dr. Licata said it’s very possible that even though we quarantined them the way we were supposed to, they brought a small amount with them into the flock. Then when we had all of the rain in May and a drainage issue and it created a perfect scenerio for a growth explosion in the run and viola. Everyone is sick.

Except Mimi and Gidget. While everyone else was basically passed out in the henhouse, those two were strutting around Camp Cluck like they were on holiday.

In any event, the chickens are feeling better, the hen house and run are in immaculate condition, and things are looking up at Camp Cluck!

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