Renovating The Funny Farm

So John McBride from Matco Remodeling came out today to check out the projects we have in mind and give us quotes. I’m excited to see what ideas he has for the kitchen; he took one look and said he could do some nice things with it, and still keep it within a budget of about $15,000.

When we renovate the kitchen, my beloved washboard sink will go. John said he can design around it, but I think it's time to let it go.

He also took a look at the bathroom, which I’m leaving to David because he has visions of adding windows and knocking out walls and generally spending a bazillion dollars on a room that’s used in total an hour a day, tops.

 What I’m most excited about is the fence! Yay! A 6 ft fence to give us privacy and hopefully help the dogs to keep the barking in check! And we’re also going  to get the garage roof done soon (which is something that has to be done, not something I really want done), which means that once those two projects are done, my real favorite project can happen: GRASS!

In order to put in the fence, my favorite shrub/tree is probably going to have to go. Boo. But maybe I can plant an apple tree later on!

It doesn’t make sense to lay sod until the garage roof and fence are done. So this summer we may have a fence and grass!! Oh, happy green grass under my feet! Happy grass for Scout to roll around in, instead of dirt. Privacy and grass and then ….

A door out the back of the house! YAY again!! John’s going going to give me a quote to put a lovely door out the back with a little deck or patio, and then Scout and Bandit can be outside and I can work and we can see each other. And I can go in and out easily and enjoy the sunlight in my office. Yay!

I can't wait to have door out the back of the house. I'll have more light in my office and be able to see the dogs when they're in the backyard.

And if the kitchen gets done this year, lovely. If not, I can wait. That’s one project I can live without so we can do the other things. But I was so encouraged to hear that we could redo our kitchen for less than $50,000. David was positive that would never happen.

So today was an encouraging day at The Funny Farm. Which I needed. Of course, both dogs have diarrhea, which means tomorrow may include worm checks for them both. But we’ll worry about that then.


2 responses to “Renovating The Funny Farm

  1. Can’t wait to see the transformation. Messy and chaotic, but very exciting!

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