Coco goes to the vet – again

Well, it’s time for another stool check to see if the flock still has coccidia, and I made the decision to not go back to the vet I’d originally gone to in June.

They were all nice there, but I felt like I spent a whole lot of money and time and got very little in return, including advice or help.

So today, we went to see Dr. Licata at Suburban Animal Hospital in Henrietta, and all I can say is … Phew. It was definitely the right choice.

Not only is she extremely nice, she was extremely thorough. She took time to talk, ask questions, and gave Coco one heck of an exam.

And I’m glad I brought Coco in rather than just having them run a stool recheck. The first vet wrote off Coco’s skin problem to being picked on by the other hens, which never did seem right to me. But Dr. Licata noticed that not only was she missing feathers and scaly on her back, her vent area was also just as bad. She thinks Coco – and maybe Mrs. Wiggins, who also has the same problem – is pecking herself because she’s uncomfortable from the diarrhea. She also did a test to make sure it wasn’t mites.

And yes, Coco at least still has diarrhea. I know this because she pooped all over me and then all over the scale when they weighed her.
The good news is that Coco has gained a little weight since she was seen at the other vet, although Dr. Licata thought she was still a little thin.
She suspects that the stool check is going to still be positive for coccidia, and she assured me that it’s very common and we’re going all the right things to keep the coop and run as clean as possible. She said it’s really now just a matter of letting it run its course and getting the hens healthy, and then they’ll be immune.

She also said she may have us to a preventative treatment once a month; the upside is we’ll keep the coccidia problem in check, but the downside is we can’t eat the eggs for a week after the treatment. I’m less concerned about eggs and more concerned about a healthy flock right now.

I’ll keep you posted!

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