For Sale: One Suburban Funny Farm

For Sale: One Suburban Funny Farm

Well, I never thought I’d say this … but I’m ready to move.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my house. LOVE my house. I love the wood trim and all of the space and the attic and basement and 2 car garage with second floor storage. I love the sliding glass doors that close off the living room from the foyer and the fact that we have a full bath and a half bath and another extra toilet in the basement.

I really like my neighbors. It’s a quiet street of adults and older folks, friendly people who I’ve grown very fond of over the years. This is a great little town, and I love walking the streets and chatting with people and getting to know the neighborhood dogs and their owners.

But this Fourth of July weekend I realized that at this point in our lives, a little village yard isn’t going to work for us any more.

Scout and Bandit hear every noise, every time a kid yells or splashes in the neighbor’s pool, every time a screen door slams, every time another dog hears the same noises and barks. So I’m constantly trying to keep them quiet and avoid things that trigger the barking.

And I realized yesterday that I spend much of my summer inside with the windows closed to block out the noise, smoke from my neighbor’s grill, and the occasional neighborhood campfire. And I can’t do it anymore.

Don’t get me wrong; this is a great house and a great neighborhood. But it’s not a great set up for two active dogs.

We’ve considered doing some major renovations to this house and just staying put. Putting up a fence, adding a door out the back of the house, remodeling the kitchen. Those are some things that would give us added convenience and perhaps give us some privacy.

But as our lives have changed so have our needs. We just don’t need as much house anymore; we need more land. Land for the dogs to run and bark without being a nuisance, for starters. Land for David to hike around it or plant stuff or shoot his bow and arrow. He said yesterday he’d like to get a goat.

So yesterday I called the realtor and we going to start looking at houses. It’s going to be a miracle if we can find something we can afford that we both can agree on. I do not want to be out in the boondocks away from civilization. I need neighbors semi-nearby, a neighborhood to walk the dogs, and Wegmans. David wants lots of land and a huge garage or barn.

I also don’t want to be too far from my mom. Tonight, for example, there was an emergency with Cassie’s dog Dali and I needed to rush over there, bring Dali back to Penfield to the vet, and then bring her home. I’m very convenient to the expressway here, and even so it was a whole lot of driving. (Dali’s fine; she bruised her tail.)

The other miracle is that I’ll ever get our house ready to list. We have … err, I have … almost two decades of stuff stored in that attic and garage and basement. And the house needs some repairs before anyone would be interested in buying it.

I love this house. I mean, I LOVE THIS HOUSE. I really don’t want to leave it and it breaks my heart that I have to in order to get more yard space. But with more yard the dogs will have more room to run and David can have a goat and we’ll have a little bit of privacy and maybe it’ll all work out OK.

Hopefully this will be a great house for another family starting out. Those three bedrooms and the finished playroom in the attic and all of that storage space are going to be perfect for a family; and the school district isn’t bad, either. It’s a tight knit village. We’ve had some great times here.

And there’s already a chicken coop in the backyard, for any interested buyer. That’s got to be a bonus, right?


4 responses to “For Sale: One Suburban Funny Farm

  1. GARAGE SALE it! You will be amazed what you can get rid of; Yes, my second pt job is now de-cluttering my house now that my oldest leaves for college in Austin, Texas this August; so far I have loaded up 3 dumpsters; have had 3 garage sales (4th this Saturday) and I feel free of 18 years of ‘stuff’. Do it!

    • I’m very proud of you!!! Especially considering how busy you are getting your son ready for college. I’m very impressed. Then again, you are more organized that me!!!!

  2. Wow, you are way ahead of the game and have a plan. Good for you and may all good things come to you 😉

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