Chickens, chickens everywhere and not an egg to eat

We’re into the second round of treatment for coccidia on the flock – I see some improvement in the chickens but someone still has some watery poop, which isn’t encouraging.

We are getting about 5 eggs a day. Except we can’t eat the eggs. We have to wait 10 days after their final treatment. Which, if this doesn’t clear up soon, could be October.

I’m contemplating having another vet do the next fecal analysis to check for coccidia. I’m running out of money and not really getting much help other than a prescription. The folks at the animal hospital where I took Coco to were nice, but it was a real chore. The first visit was 2 hours long for 10 minutes with the vet. Then I dropped the sample off for the recheck and they said they’d call me if it was still positive. Problem was they wrote down my phone number incorrectly; it’s a good thing I called to verify. No one knew what the doctor wanted to do next in treatment, so I waited for a couple of hours to hear from them and finally called back about 1/2 hour before they closed. The girl told me to just drive over and by the time I got there they would have something ready.

For what I paid, the service wasn’t so hot. Or else I am very spoiled by my own vet, who is efficient, friendly, professional, and really on the ball. (Penfield Veterinary Hospital) Too bad they don’t see chickens.

Anyway, that’s the news from Camp Cluck, where all the dogs are barking, all the hens are cranky, and none of the eggs are edible.

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