Camp Cluck gets a thorough cleaning and an upgrade

Darling Husband was hard at work this week at Camp Cluck, giving the coop a thorough cleaning that involved the Shop Vac; the coop could pass any white glove test. The hope is that we’ve cleaned up any coccidiosis in the bedding, or at least helped keep it in check.
Then it was on to upgrades.

As regular readers (and people who know us) already know, building the chicken coop ended up being a much more involved and expensive project than I planned.

That’s because Darling Husband likes to take any project and make it more complicated and elaborate than it needs to be. Don’t get me wrong; he did a fantastic job and  it’s the Fort Knox of chicken coops.

But he created this space behind the coop that he thought would be like an annex and I said we didn’t need, and we’ve been kind of arguing about it for months.

The idea was that the birds could go under the coop to get to the back part, but for me to get there I would have to go all the way around the gargage and through the blackberry bushes. I didn’t see any need for it and didn’t really want the birds to go under the coop.

I vetoed the idea but I got vetoed.

When the girls started hanging out in the spring, they kept going in the back but couldn’t figure out how to get back. So I was climbing through the window and tossing them back into the coop to avoid walking all the way around the garage and battling the brambles.

Then we realized Lucy and Ethel were going under the coop to lay eggs, so we sealed off their ability to get to the back and that was that.

 But this week Darling Husband added a little door for the girls to get into the back. They love having a secret meeting place and it gives them a little more hanging out room.

I still have to go all the way around the garage and through the blackberry bushes to get back there to clean or see if they’ve laid eggs. So David now has the job of taking care of the Camp Cluck Annex.

I wanted someplace for the girls to roost in the run so he created these stair-like things they seem to enjoy climbing on. He did give me some perches that didn’t turn out the way he’d planned but the girls really like them a lot. He calls it the chicken playground.

So even though it probably sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not. Trust me, Camp Cluck is a great place to be if you’re a chicken!

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