A Dog’s Purpose a must-read for dog lovers

A Dog's Purpose, a novel for humans

A few weeks ago I wrote a review of W. Bruce Cameron’s new book A Dog’s Purpose for Fido Friendly’s blog. I thought I posted something about it here, but I can’t find it. Since his book is releasing in four days, I want to make sure that you don’t miss it! 

“A Dog’s Purpose” is Cameron’s first published novel; he tells me so far he’s written 13 of them. Another is scheduled to be published next year. 

But he’s no stranger to humor fans. In addition to his long running newspaper column, he’s the NY Times bestselling author who brought us, among other books, “8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter,” which was made into the hit series on ABC. 

This time he’s written a fictional tale of a dog who is born, lives, dies, and then finds himself reborn again and again, eventually understanding that he has learned something from each life that helps him find his ultimate purpose. 

It’s full of very humorous adventures that will make any dog lover laugh, and it’s all the better for being told from the dog’s point of view. From cats to neutering to family relationships, readers will recognize their own human-dog relatiohships on every page. 

It’s not without it’s somber moments, though, so be warned. You’ll need a tissues every now and then. But the laughter and tears will, for many readers, also bring healing, especially if you’ve ever been with your dog at the end of his life. 

“A Dog’s Purpose” releases on July 6, so make sure you get a copy to take on your vacation or for those summer evenings when you’re lying in the hammock enjoying a good book. 

You can learn more about W.  Bruce Cameron and the book on the A Dog’s Purpose website. In conjunction with the book release Cameron has been hosting  a Dog of the Week contest. Each weekly winner gets a copy of the book and donation of $65 is made to the animal charity of their choice. Vote for my dogs Scout and Bandit! 

PS: Even cats like the book! 

"A Dog's Purpose" also makes a great cat pillow.

"A Dog's Purpose" also makes a great cat pillow.


2 responses to “A Dog’s Purpose a must-read for dog lovers

  1. This looks like a great read. Thank you for reviewing it. I will make sure to have my humans order up the book, as I would very much like to read it. It sounds like I could learn a lot of Toby’s experiences as I go through my adventures!

    – Bella

    • Hi, Bella!

      You would definitely love it. You and your human mommy or daddy can curl up and read together. It’s very good and they will laugh a lot and say, Hahaha, our dog did that! But make sure they have tissues ready or they’ll have to cry in your fur.

      Your pal,
      Mommy’s dog, Bandit

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