Shelter rescue Princess Abby named World’s Ugliest Dog

Princess Abby takes home the title of World's Ugliest Dog. (Photo credit Grace Chon/Shine Pet Photos,

A shelter rescue named Princess Abby took home the title of 2010 World’s Ugliest Dog at the Sonoma Marin Fair in Petaluma, CA this weekend. 

Princess Abby, a Chihuahua mix with a squinty eye and leg deformities that cause her to have a sway back, won the mutt division before advancing to the finals to face the 2009 winner, Pabst, a boxer mix. She and her owner, Kathleen Francis took home a $1,600 prize.

The contest was judged by television celebrity and vet Karen “Doc” Halligan, HawthoRNe television star Christina Moore, Vertical Horizon lead singer Matt Scannell. Comedian Jon Reep emceed.

This wasn’t a contest to mock or shame dogs and their owners.

The dogs in the competition often had stories of difficult lives, from illness to scars gotten during Hurricane Katrina, and were celebrated for overcoming those obstacles. And rescue dogs were praised for the happiness they brought to their owners, when sometimes it’s difficult to tell who actually rescued who.

You can read all about the contest on the World’s Ugliest Dog website.


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