Thank Dog Boot Camp gives dogs and their people a workout

Thank Dog Boot Camp offers obedience and fitness for dogs and their people.

Dog owners in California have found a great way to get in shape and train their dogs at the same time: Thank Dog Boot Camp.

The camp combines cardio and weight training for the humans with obedience training for the dogs, meaning both get in shape and strengthen their pet-people bond.

In a Reuters’ article, camp co-founder Jill Bowers – who founded the camp with her sister Jamie, both certified dog trainers; the camp staff also includes certified personal trainer Todd Collins – says, “A lack of exercise and training causes dogs to have behavioral problems. If they don’t have enough activity to expend their energy, they take it out on your favorite couch or your designer shoes. With boot camp, your dog is too tired to be bad.”

And as Collins says on the Thank Dog Boot Camp website, “A tired dog is a good dog, and a trained dog is an even better dog.”

The prices are comparable to a weekly yoga class – around $13 a class – and require a consultation (which includes health evaluation, dog temperament evaluation and obedience lesson) before you start the class for another $50. Which isn’t that much, if you consider the cost of a gym membership and training classes. Why not combine both activities and save some money?

You can read more about the Thank Dog Boot Camp on their website. 

And if you know about a similar boot camp here in Rochester, I’d love to hear about it. I know I could use it (I won’t do the exercise on my own), and so could the Funny Farm’s resident Border collies!


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