We had an earthquake and I missed it

A 5.0 magnitude earthquake hit near Ottawa, Canada today. The red A is near the earthquake epicenter; the red dot is me here in Rochester.

At about 1:40 PM this afternoon, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake hit near  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and it was felt all over New York, even right here in Rochester.

And I missed the whole thing.

I had just come home from Walmart and the the vet’s office in Fairport. I was listening to Bob Lonsberry on WHAM talk about the young girl who was stabbed in Rochester last night.

When I got home, I set my WalMart bags down, turned on the air conditioner, turned on the radio and heard President Obama explaining that Gen. Stanley McChrystal was out and Gen. David Petraeus was in, let the dogs out, remembered I still had to go to the post office, let the dogs in, and got back in the car to hear Bob Lonsberry now talking about an earthquake that shook the downtown offices of the radio station.

Apparently just a mile or so away from me a couple of office buildings evacuated, and one had things falling off the shelves and from the ceilings. Where was I when this happened? I didn’t hear or feel anything. The dogs were acting completely normal. Well, normal for them, anyway.

I could have used a little bit of excitement today. But I guess I should be thankful the earthquake didn’t cause any damage.

So did you feel the earthquake? Did anything fall off the walls?


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