New photos from Camp Cluck

Things are returning to normal at Camp Cluck after our outbreak of coccidia. We’re not back at 100%, but we’re close.

The girls have resumed their excavating; they should be almost to China by now.

I don’t understand their fascination with digging. I get that they like to take dust baths, but we’re talking huge holes in the dirt that they’re making. They can’t dig their way out; David reinforced the fence so nothing could dig in, never thinking they hens would want to dig out.

As you can see, Mimi and Gidget are almost at full size. They haven’t gotten in their combs and wattles; I’m not sure what an adult cochin actually looks like, but the feathers on the legs are their trademark.

Egg production is still at 2 or 3 eggs a day, not great but better than nothing. We can’t eat the eggs anyway since the hens are still on medicine. But it’s a sign they’re feeling better if they’re laying.

Neither Lucy nor Ethel has laid an egg in at least week. Or if they are laying, they’re hiding them somewhere. Maybe they’re burying them, and that’s what the holes are for.

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