Dear yogurt, I hate you but I’m trying to love you

Dear yogurt,

It’s me, back again for another try at forming a relationship that will hopefully be more pleasant than the last attempt.

I want to love you. Truly, I do. But so far I haven’t really enjoyed our time together. In fact, just thinking about those few seconds we had together last week still makes me a little nauseated.

But everyone says to give you another shot, because you’re good for me. And as any woman knows, it’s rare to find a relationship that’s asks for so little but is still good for us.

I just can’t get past the idea that I’m purposely eating bacteria-laden food. I can almost feel those microscopic critters wiggling away in my stomach. It’s as appetizing as tapeworm.

But I’m willing to give us another try, this time with some blueberries on the bottom. I hope you won’t be offended if I say that just touching your container makes my stomach queasy.

I’m willing to give  you another shot. Please don’t let me down.


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