How to paint with dogs

I know that most of you think I’m a nut for painting with the dogs (my daughter does, at least), but it’s actually pretty fun. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Put some paint on paper – I usually just plop colors around in no particular order.

Step 1: put the paint on the paper

 Step 2: Cover the paper with something plastic. I’ve been using those plastic page protectors, which hold up well. I’ve also experimented with plastic wrap, which is more sensitive to the dog’s touch and yields a different texture to the paint. Tape the edges so the plastic stays in place. You may want to tape the paper to a large craft board or cutting board to help it stay in place while the dog plays with it.

Step 3: Put the paper on the floor and let the dogs go at it. I use food on and under the page, and I’ve started spreading peanut butter over the plastic. The dogs lay down on the page, claw at it with their paws, pick it up in their mouths, and wrinkle the page.

Bandit experiments with painting techniques

Step 4: Carefully undo the tape and lift the plastic off. Viola! A masterpiece!

The finished product: a masterpiece!

You can see all of the paintings the dogs have done on Bandit’s It’s A Dog’s Life blog, in their art gallery.

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