Chickens, coccidiosis and other things that can empty your wallet

Well, it’s official: the chickens have coccidiosis. 

I noticed last night that someone had bloody diarrhea, and today Coco was really lethargic. Long story short, I made calls and tracked down a vet who sees chickens. 

Or as they call them at the vet we went to, exotic pets. 

Pachacuti the Catahoula Leopard Dog

The visit took almost two hours – an hour in the waiting room, and another hour from visit to check out. 

But I had a great time chatting with people in the waiting room. I saw a Catahoula Leopard Dog named Pachacuti (what a beautiful dog and so sweet) and a little leopard gecko named Godzilla.

I chatted with a man from my village who used to own chickens when he was on a farm, and was happy to learn he – and his pug Rosco – could have chickens again.

Coco finally got to see the vet. While the doctor ran a test on her stool, she walked around the room, looking out the window and getting some attention from passersby.

This little girl stopped to look in the window while her mom explained that chicken is where we get eggs. Just seconds after this little girl walked away, Coco let out a huge blast of super gross poop. I’m so glad the girl didn’t see it or she might have been turned off from eating eggs or chickens forever. 

Coco at the veterinarian

Anyway, the chickens are “loaded” with coccidia so they’re now being treated with something called Albon. The dosage is 1/2 teaspoon per liter, which caused me one problem. I have a 2 gallon waterer. So how much medicine do I put in? No one told me I’d need to know how to do math to own chickens. (In the end I figured it out – a gallon is 3.79 liters, so 2 gallons is about 7.5 liters, so I put in 3.75 teaspoons.) 

In the end, the visit cost $113. That’s on top of the $140 for Bandit and Scout this past weekend. That is the money I was going to spend on a sign language class, a drawing class, and Bandit’s therapy dog class. 

Just another day at the funny farm. 

You can read Bandit’s take on Mommy’s trip to the vet with Coco. 

You can keep up with the chickens on their blog,


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