Are all mailmen as nuts as this mailman?

David just got home  a little while ago from the land where he’s doing some work, and he just let me know that this afternoon the mailman claimed he almost got bit by Bandit.

Uh, I don’t know how that’s possible, since they’re supposed to be putting the mail in the front door slot, which is about 20 feet at least from the dogs.

Friday, after the incident where the fill in mailman’s arm and Bandit’s barking mouth collided, I took the mailbox off the side of the house and put it on the ground so David could hang it someplace else, because the post office supervisor said they wouldn’t deliver our mail until the box was someplace safe from the dogs.

We have a mail slot on the front door, so there wasn’t really any need to suspend delivery.  All they had to do was go back to putting the mail in the place they’d been putting the mail for 17 years before we got the new box. Sue at the post office said no problem, and Saturday that’s where the mail was.

I checked the mail yesterday, and nothing on the porch. So I figured we didn’t get mail.

Nope. Instead of following the directions his supervisor requested, yesterday’s mailman apparently leans over to put the mail in the box on the ground on the other side of the fence.

Actually leans over the fence and puts his face right in Bandit’s.  And then has the nerve to tell David that Bandit is a biter and he came “this close” to biting the guy in the face.

Well … DUH. If you lean over where you’re not supposed to be and put your face in the mouth of a barking dog, you’ll probably get bit.

I’m furious, because if the mailman did get bit by leaning over the fence he’s not supposed to be near, Bandit would be the one getting in trouble.

So I put big signs up all over the fence and door with big arrow pointing to the mail slot, and sign asking the mailman to stop provoking the dogs. Tomorrow I’ll get some Beware of Dogs and No Trespassing signs.

Tomorrow I’m also calling the post office to remind them not to come near the fence or the dogs, and I’m also calling the dog warden because I’m getting sick and tired of people blaming my dogs for their own dumb behavior.


3 responses to “Are all mailmen as nuts as this mailman?

  1. Love this post!
    Yep…your mailman is not playing with a full deck of cards!

    • I just found out today that it was my regular mailman, too. The dogs were probably wildy happy to see him, because they love our regular mailman. I just talked to the post office and the supervisor said they him know to put the mail on the porch slot so I don’t know what happened. But there’s no way he can miss the signs I put up. Yeesh. My poor dogs. They’re not aggressive at all. Barky? Jumpy? Happy? Excited? Yes. They’re border collies.

  2. Not a very bright mailman.

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