The benefits of pet ownership over marriage or kids?

I’m working on a guest blog post for a website; the story is about Pets for Patriots, a group that helps military service men and women adopt shelter animals.

On the organization’s website, they list some reasons why pet ownership is beneficial to your health. One of the things listed caught my eye, that pets provide:

 “Greater reduction of cardiovascular stress in the presence of a dog than when among family or spouses.”

That was kind of a no brainer, wasn’t it? I mean, a dog like Bandit might cause me stress while he licks the dishes in the sink or eats off of my plate or chews all of my shoes. But at least he isn’t complaining about his job or asking where all the money in the checking account went.

A dog listens when you talk and really doesn’t care what you say or how many words you take to say it. He never complains about his job or how much money he makes, because his job is to go wherever you go and do whatever you do, and that itself is reward enough.

He isn’t embarrassed by everything you do or say in front of his friends, and he doesn’t care if you take him for a walk in public wearing stretch pants and a dirty t-shirt. He doesn’t remind you of that time when you were 5 and ate dirt, or how mom always liked you better.

So yeah, I can see where dog owners would find being in the presence of their pet less stressful than being with family.


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