How to get a free dog ID tag for only $48.81

I was surfing around the old posts on the It’s A Dog’s Life blog, back when I wrote it, before Bandit took over, and found a couple of posts that made me laugh. This is one of them and I thought it might make you laugh.

How to get a free dog ID tag for only $48.81
by Joanne Brokaw

1. Purchase two boxes of dog biscuits offering a free engraved dog ID tag. Cost: $5.98

2. Clip two proofs of purchase from biscuit boxes and mail to dog biscuit company, along with order form and a check for $1.99 to cover shipping and handling. Be sure to write the check from an account that you rarely use. Cost: $0.42 postage; $1.99 check for shipping and handling

3. Realize that you have money in a checking account that you rarely use! Immediately go shopping, making purchases with your debit card. Do not keep track of your purchases. When finished shopping, put the checkbook away and forget about it.

4. Wait a 4-6 weeks.

5. Receive a notice from your bank that a check has been returned for insufficient funds. The check total: $1.99. Balance at the time the check was presented: $1.95. Cost of insufficient funds fee: $15.00

6. Receive a notice from the dog biscuit company that your check has been returned. Cost: $25.00

7. Remit bounced check fee to dog biscuit company, along with bank check to cover the original $1.99. Be grateful your credit union does not charge for bank checks. Cost: $0.42 postage

8. Receive your free engraved dog ID tag, valued at approximatedly $1.99.


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