And I miss the Chicken Soup For The Soul deadline

The deadline for submissions for the Chicken Soup For The Soul book about living with dogs was yesterday. I realized that today.

It was the perfect opportunity for me – a book about living with dogs, the funny, the sad, the whole things – and I had several entries I was working on for the original deadline back in March.

But then they extended the deadline to May 31, and I figured I had lots of time to finish.

Well, there you go. The deadline came and went and I sit here kicking myself yet again for being such an idiot. I don’t really worry too much about stuff like this, but when a perfect opportunity comes and I totally blow it, I want to cry. In fact, I just might.

I procrastinated, I was lazy, I was disorganized, and now I have no one to blame but myself. Well, myself and two dogs that keep me distracted enough with requests to play water dog and catch to just give up on writing by noon.

And the thing is that I thought about it several times on Saturday and Sunday, had promised myself I would finish the stories on Monday. Then I had a birthday, had lunch with a friend, spent time with my mom and Cassie and blah blah blah. You know the drill.

Who knows if they would have even accepted anything I wrote, but I should have at least tried. I guess I’ll console myself with some ice cream for breakfast.

As Bandit would say, Boo on Mommy.


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