It's been a banner week at The Funny Farm

Bandit plays water dog this week at The Funny Farm

Thank goodness I’m easily impressed, or I’d have very little to celebrate here at The Funny Farm. But this week we’ve had a couple of banner achievements.

First, Ethel is laying eggs! I know because yesterday I got two white eggs, and she and Lucy are the only two who lay white eggs. I suspect she was laying eggs under the henhouse, but since I’ve never actually seen her on the nest, I haven’t had any proof. Well, now I do.

The other good thing is that Mimi and Gidget are finally getting out of the henhouse and into the run with the rest of the flock. They’re still joined at the hip, but they’re getting fresh air and finding their place in the pecking order. It might be at the bottom, but it’s better than hiding under the nesting boxes the rest of their lives.

And I got to show off my bird catching skills on Monday when I caught a bird inside the restaurant. Fun times.

I also got two assignments recently to write some pet-related articles and  blog posts, which makes me quite happy. I’ve been promoting and writing about Christian music for about 10 years now, which boggles my mind a  bit; has it really been that long? The last year or so I’ve really just wanted o-u-t. I don’t think God has given me that green light; but he has given me some opportunities to do some other fun stuff, for which I am grateful. I need a little fun in my life.

So there you go. It doesn’t seem like much, but consider the alternative: a real job where they make me put on makeup and real clothes and do real work. And no naps during the day.

Isn’t that cruel and unusual punishment? I think everyone should get to play water dog during the work day!


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