Mim and Gidget update

For two days in a row, I’ve gone out to the chicken run and found Mimi and Gidget outside, without protection of cage, scratching around with the other hens.

Yay! They are glued at the hip, and they are a bit skittish if I’m bringing treats, because the older hens don’t let them have any. (I give Mimi and Gidget theirs inside where it’s safe.) But they are out and about and not getting bullied to death.

Along with this happy development, egg production is back to normal. Yay again! We had four eggs yesterday and I’ve had three today already. And Lucy is laying again.

Part of that is probably the fact that Mimi and Gidget aren’t hiding out in and under the nesting boxes.

In any event, it looks like the new girls are settling in. Finally. And I think I’ve decided not to add any more this year.

Although there is this dog up for adoption at the shelter ….

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