Is it Friday yet?

Life here at the Funny Farm has been exhausting this week, if only because nothing of interest is happening.

Well, OK, that’s not really true.

The chickens are back to laying eggs and Mimi and Gidget are finally getting out of the henhouse without being bullied. I turned in my application to volunteer at the Rochester Animal Services shelter, and they accepted it. Now I just have to do some orientation.

And I had breakfast with my friend Robbi, which was exciting for two reasons. First, I haven’t seen her in a while and it’s always fun to catch up. And second, I caught a bird inside the restaurant.

Other than that, though, it’s been hot and boring. The dogs are filthy after playing water dog to cool down. I have a headache from the heat. And the work is piling up.

Not that things would be different if it were Friday. When you work for yourself, at home, Monday and Friday are pretty much interchangeable. Except for the prime time TV line up.


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