Catching birds inside Panera

My chicken catching skills came in handy today when I met my friend Robbi for breakfast at Panera.

While we were sitting there  talking, a bird flew by. Inside the restaurant. Robbi turned to me and ask, “Did I just see what I think I saw?” Yup. And it was so funny I laughed out loud. Loudly out loud.

And then the bird flew into a window in the corner, just inches from a guy sitting there working on his laptop and table away from a group of women having a breakfast meeting of some sort. The bird tumbled to the ground, alive, and kind of flittered around trying to figure out how to get out.

The bird was literally inches from the guy, so he got up and moved – chicken – and the table of ladies sat there looking around, not sure what to do. I just kept laughing. Until I realized that no one from Panera was on their way to do something.

Robbi and I were sitting near the fireplace, in those comfy chairs with a small end table on each side and between the chairs, a basket on a wire stand. I grabbed the basket and walked over the bird, and gently trapped him against the window with it.

One of the ladies at the table gave me a flat notepad to try and capture the bird into the basket so I could take him outside, but the notebook was too small to cover the entire opening. Finally someone from Panera came over with a cardboard box. I had the girl flatten it, and as I tried to slip it under the bird kept getting caught.

Finally, I just reached in and gently picked the bird up, took him around the corner and out the front doors, and let him go.

Apparently, that makes me a hero. The manager came over later to thank me, and said the bird was in there this morning. They had a box ready for it but no one had any idea how to catch it. I suggested they call animal control next time; I think they can come with a net and catch Tweety.

I’m just glad this chicken adventure is good for more than just eggs!


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