NY's Daily News notes trend in "doglers"

Scout and Bandit at the park; who wouldn't love to dogle these pups? (c) Joanne Brokaw all rights reserved

The Daily News in New York did a story recently on the trend in “doglers” – dogless people who covet other people’s pooches because they don’t or can’t own one of their own.

The ASPCA estimates there are about a million dogs in the big city, but many more love dogs but don’t have the time to own one. So they hang out in parks and fawn over other people’s dog, enjoying the puppy love without having to take on the responsibility for a pet.

The benefits are both the pet and the dogler; Fido gets even more attention and the dogler gets a little health boost.

In the article, Greer Griffith, 64, is the manager of Animal Assisted Therapy for the ASPCA, says, “There are studies that show that animal-assisted therapy brings people out of depression, lowers blood pressure and can be tremendously helpful in dealing with loneliness at extended-care facilities,” adding, “It confirms what I already know about dogs. They change the energy around them and make people smile.”

You can read the entire article about doglers at the Daily News website.


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