Another day at the funny farm

I was sitting at my kitchen table, typing away on the laptop, when I looked over and saw that someone had tipped over the entire dog water bowl.

Murphy walked around in it for a minute, licked his paws and moved on. Bandit went in and stole a dish towel from the counter and fled the scene. Scout stayed hidden behind the recliner in the living room. And the water just kept creeping under the stove and fridge.

My normally filthy kitchen floor (and trust me, normal is pretty filthy) is worse today because Bandit raced around outside in the rain and mud and then tracked it all into the house. I don’t know which dog brought the basketball into the house, but it seems right at home in the kitchen. The cat has a scratching post and hiding spot in the kitchen because that’s where he sleeps at night.

In other words, just another day of organized chaos.


2 responses to “Another day at the funny farm

  1. See, this is why my attempts at having a puppy were an epic fail. I just can’t do unexpected mess. You are a better woman than I am. And, she was a great dog, too. Sigh.

  2. Not a better woman. Just lazier.

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