All's well in the coop … so far …

Mimi and Gidget have survived their first couple of nights in the coop, and even better, no one is bleeding.

That’s a miracle, because I was afraid Coco would really go after them. But so far, they’re being reminded by the hens where they stand in the pecking order, but no violence yet.

Mimi and Gidget have spent all of their time inside; I think the hens are keeping them in there. But they’re roaming around inside and coming out of hiding, which is good. I went in to check and they were actually up on the roosting perches, which won’t last once everyone comes in for bed but it’s a good sign that they’re making themselves comfortable.

Oddly enough, Mrs. Beasley has decided to get off the nest, possibly because the new girls are right underneath, peeping and hiding. Egg laying overall has been off the last few days but it could be the stress of the new girls or the crappy, cold weather we’ve been having.

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