The lilacs overwhelm everything

My friend Phil is doing the 365 project, and yesterday I thought I’d join, too. The idea is to take one photo every day that reflects some part of your life or your day, the small things, you know?

I snapped a few pics and sat down to set up my account. Then I realized that I wouldn’t keep up with it and quit. Before I even started. Big surprise, eh?

But I’m still thinking about my day yesterday – a latte at Lemoncello, ice cream at Abbotts, the chickens, the dogs, the minutia that is my life. And the one thing that seems to link it all together: lilacs.

The scent of lilacs permeates everything in the yard and the house. So my photo for yesterday would be this one:

Lilacs photo (c) Joanne Brokaw all rights reserved

Lilacs in my backyard

 I may try to do my own 365 project; if I don’t keep up, I won’t feel so guilty!


One response to “The lilacs overwhelm everything

  1. AHMAHGAHD I *love* Lemoncello… the drink… looks like you were talking about an establishment… *AND* I think I’m missing the point of your post… 😉

    The lilacs looks beautiful- love the smell of them.

    Wishing you luck on your 365 project! 🙂

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